Create your e-shop for free and reach more customers

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We’ve got you covered

Whether you want to build a brand from scratch, or re-brand an existing one. Whether you’re embedding a brand internally or launching it externally. Whether you need help marketing products or driving sales locally.

Whatever you need, we can provide.

Influencers can now create their own custom e-commerce landing pages on our platform, etc in just one click and have it delivered to their doorsteps in the shortest possible time frame.

What’s the catch?

Well…. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE… Duplo will provide you (an influencer) with all our professional printing, branding, and marketing, and delivery services for just a tiny percentage of completed orders.

Your own e-commerce shop for free

By simply talking to your allocated
Duplo account manager, you can create a personal e-commerce page for your products, share the page link with your followers and earn. It is as simple as that.

Create your e-shop for free
and reach more customers


– Register and fill the Application

– Discuss details of products, branding, and design with Duplo account manager

– Your Duplo Team will create your e-shop with your custom branding

– Start earning while Duplo works and manages your e-shop, sales, and accounts.


  • I went to print my CV and the guy didn't charge me because they were only 3 pages. Really nice service

    Marcos Henry Riemelt Avatar Marcos Henry Riemelt
  • I was looking for a place that can print two pages for me all over Stockholm City (like 4-5 different places who said no). Only this place did! They were super sweet and helpful and did not want to charge me. Great place and they really deserve 5 stars.

    Zoe Shiri Avatar Zoe Shiri
  • Very professional and kind!

    Ivana Marinković Avatar Ivana Marinković
  • Friendly staff and great service here

    Stuart Kearney Avatar Stuart Kearney
  • Fast and great service! Very helpful and thurough.

    Johan Nobis Avatar Johan Nobis
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